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    Gao Xiang water-saving agricultural technology center from across the country as director in the beginning of the meeting to all the guests first analyzed the the current agriculture situation.He said: "the more people, less, water deficiency, this is we are faced with a situation."In such an agricultural big background, the current application of fertilizer faced more and more problems, therefore, the high commissioner says, "water-saving agriculture is the inevitable requirement of the survival and development of human society", and "integration of sewage sludge is an important way of promoting the development of modern agriculture".After, high head, talked about the development trend of fertigation, basically has the following two points: one, fertigation can promote fertilizer development and progress, this is a small amount of water soluble fertilizer fertilizer spraying on the leaf and other auxiliary to mass main fertilizer application field of critical period.Second, fertigation can promote the development of pipe irrigation.Because irrigation fertilization technology to promote the development of the sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and micro-irrigation technology in recent years, with the rapid development of let the water-saving irrigation technology in our country.At the same time, the high commissioner, said he saw on the way now many farmers spontaneously adopt fertigation, it is worth happy and delighted, the most vitality by market regulation.

    South China agricultural university professor cheng-lin zhang in the report pointed out that China, as a fertilizer production country, liquid fertilizer production in the whole, however, account for only a small percentage of the constituents of the fertilizers.The main liquid fertilizer varieties for liquid foliar fertilizer and fertilization, and effects of material, suspension fertilizer production is just getting started.In the process of this development has many restrict factors, if you want to get fast development, must do the following: 1, to set up the ammonium polyphosphate and urea ammonium nitrate production factory, provide the basis for the raw material.2, to establish a clear liquid or suspension type liquid fertilizer factory, distribution system is established.3, the technical standards for liquid fertilizer, the standard of production equipment, etc.4, in the development of the liquid fertilizer fertilizer equipment.5, set up a liquid fertilizer industry association or foundation.6, the extensive publicity of the benefits of liquid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer technology books.At the same time, professor zhang also made it clear that: "no matter how, liquid fertilizer is a kind of typical energy conservation and environmental protection products, it will be the future China's fertilizer industry is new bestow favor on, and the market potential is tremendous."

    Huazhong agricultural university professor li-shu wu also made it clear that: "liquid fertilizer fertilizer is one of the new development direction, because it has applied uniform, labor saving, and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, save the cost of production, packaging, transport cost saving main advantage."

    In addition to these, the connotation of the liquid fertilizer is embodied in: the traditional liquid fertilizer often contains only three elements of fertilizer, so it is often referred to as liquid compound fertilizer.In order to improve the effect of the liquid fertilizer, to further enhance its function, to join in the liquid fertilizer, trace elements and nutrients and other materials in the synergistic agent is the important direction of the future effects of material.

    Subsequently, professor wu explanation about trace elements in liquid fertilizer with technical problems, mainly involves the usage, types of use, using the form, conditions of use and the use of raw materials this time.For special trace element, professor wu are also introduced.Such as calcium, acidic soil fertilization application effectively, but can't meet the fruit;Alkaline soil fertilization is invalid;Spraying on the leaf effectively, but can't completely meet the fruit;If that happens, the main method is: use the chelation, namely on the fruit.Such as zinc, manganese, copper, in the acid soil does not need to use, in the alkaline soil fertilization is invalid;The main method is spraying on the leaf.

    China agricultural university professor Chen Qing is clear liquid fertilizer is the future trend point of view.Professor Chen pointed out that the liquid fertilizer has many advantages, but also has many shortcomings, so we need to constantly improve it.For research and development to liquid fertilizer, focuses on the six o 'clock: one of research hot spots is the need to find a more suitable formula.Research hot spot in the second is the need for more characteristics of raw materials.Here at the heart of the raw materials mainly include: urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN), and other effects of material, ammonium polyphosphate, suspending agent, fulvic acid, humic acid (suspension), amino acid powder and amino acid mother liquor, alginic acid, chitin and oligosaccharides, microbial/probiotics, poly glutamic acid (gamma - PGA).The third research hotspot is needs a stable product traits;Research and development hotspot of four is need standardization production techniques and equipment;Research hotspot of five is need good distribution transportation mode and matching fertilizer machinery;Research hotspot of six is the need to complete fertilization and perfect agrochemical service package.

    For liquid fertilizer markets, professor Chen important influence factors analysis considered the following two points: one is the support from the policy level.The second is pressure from solid fertilizer market.

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