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Liquid fertilizer

    Liquid Potassium Polyphosphate

    The highest content of liquid potassium polyphosphate

    On the global market




    Based on raw material of potassium polyphosphate, with the addition of high effective additives, after foliar application, the products adhere to leaves and penetrate quickly, and be absorbed soon by leaves with the resistance to rain wash, which make it be applicable as a very good foliar spray fertilizer. 
    The product can increase the activity of ATP enzyme,make the plant getting stronger, accelerate the process of young shoots to be matured, promote the differentiation of the flower and the bud, nourish and keep the flowers, swell and strong the fruit.

    This product contains the phosphate bond of high-energy , it can increase the sweetness of the fruit and the brightness of the peel, improve the quality, make the fruit mature early and sold in advance. Application to the contiuous growth crops, it can extend the growing period of the crops,make the crops grow 1 – 3 more batches of fruits.

    Application and Dosage:

    Citrus, apples, bananas, grapes, pineapples and other fruit trees, foliar spraying- diluted in 1000-1500 times water.

    Cucumber, pepper, eggplant, tomato, strawberry, melon and other fruits and vegetables, foliar spraying - diluted in 600-1000 times water.

    Oil crops and corn, rice, wheat, cotton and other open field crops, foliar spraying - diluted in 400-600 times water.

    Root application, 15 -30L / Hectare.









    Physical property

    pH 6.5(1:250),Specific Gravity 1.66


    Package: 25kgs/barrel, 250kgs/barrel, 1000L/barrel or as custom’s requirement.



     L PPP-600

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