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Liquid fertilizer

    Humic Acid NPK liquid Fertilizer


    Product Description:

    1.This product is made from high quality humic acid, soluble NPK for soil reconditioning and plant growth stimulant.

    2.The product can promote the development of organ reproductive for better pollination and fruit set,increasing the biomass production to stimulate plant growth and the multiplication of beneficial micro organism.


    Usage instruction:

    The interval of fertilizing is about 7 days under normal fertilizing time.

    1.Young seeding stage:Dilute 1000 times ,middle and later periods:Dilute 500 in times water.
    2.Fruit trees:Dilute in 800-1600 times water,fertilize the trees by spraying the product before and after the bloom,also fruiting period.
    3.Field crops:Fertilize with the product 2-3times;Industrial crops:Fertilize with the product 3-5times.



    Humic acid




    Physical Property

    pH:8.0-9.0 (1:250), Gravity: 1.3-1.4

     Packing: 25kgs/barrel, 250kgs/barrel, 1000L/barrel or as custom’s requirement. 




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