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Liquid fertilizer



    Liquid Potassium Phosphite


     The different Potassium Phosphite fertilizer

    Mutually Soluble • Disease-resistant • Fluid • Stable



    ·The main material is Potassium Phosphite, and the ratio of P & K is 3:2, which can be easily used and mixed together with the usual secondary-element fertilizers, such as calcium nitrate and calcium sugar alcohol and so on.

    ·It can release the Ca, Zn, Fe, and other trace element which are fixed in soil, and also can loose the harden soil, increase the ventilation of the soil, improve the environment among the root system, which are helpful to crop health and growth.

    ·Using the products,which can inhibit the apical dominance effectively, avoiding plant grow too much, making the flowers and the buds plump and strong with more flowers, improving the setting rate and the quality of the fruit.

    ·The products contains the stimulation - PHOSPHOROUS ACID, which can stimulate crop produce the substance of the polyphenol and ROS, arousing the activity of the defensive enzymes, protecting the crops from fungal and viral diseases, such as downy mildew, root rot, late blight etc. Meanwhile, it will enhance the resistance to disease and stress.


    ·Apply to solanaceae, rhizome, vegetables, melon and grain and oil crop.

    ·Water flush - 45 liters each per hectare.

    ·Drip irrigation, spray irrigation, watering roots - 15 - 30 liters each per hectare.

    ·Treatment of disease, dilute in 200-300 times water.

    ·Foliar spray dilute in 600-1000 times water.







    Physical property

    PH 6.5(1:250),Gravity:1.52


    Packing: 25kgs/barrel, 250kgs/barrel, 1000L/barrel or as custom’s requirement.




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